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Monday, 31 May 2010

Menu Plan w/c 31 May

Monday - Steak, jacket potatoes, salad

Tuesday - Scampi, chips, salad (inc hg leaves)

Wednesday - Tuna & Egg salad, boiled potatoes

Thursday - Spagetti Bolognese

Friday - Cheese toasties, salad (inc hg leaves)

Saturday - BBQ (weather permitting)

Sunday - Roast Chicken, roast potatoes, fresh veggies

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Veggies & Salad

The veggie and salad garden is blooming despite us not having had any rain for over a week.

We have taken babysteps with planting things out and now all is in stiu and growing.

There is:

tomatoes, cucumber, chilli and lettuce in the greenhouse

carrots,beetroot, green beans, courgettes, butternut squash, spring onions, lettuce and herbs either in the garden or in pots outside.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Menu Plan w/c 24 May

Monday - Corned Beef Salad, jacket potatoes

Tuesday - Tuna/pasta with salad

Wednesday - Sausage & mash, fresh veggies

Thursday - Fish fingers & bubble & squeak(using last night leftovers)

Friday - hm pizza

Saturday - burgers

Sunday - roast chicken, salad, new potatoes

Weekly Weigh In 21

The landfill bag was an earth shatteringly low 121g this week.

I really do not know how we have achieved this.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


I have this burning question which I can't seem to find an answer to.

Am I better buying a product in a can or a glass jar?

Now we know that both can be recycled fairly easily, but which is the better in terms of energy used for initial manufacture and then the energy used to recycle .

I have not been able to answer this and would like to know .

Monday, 17 May 2010

Menu Plan w/c 17 May

Monday - Chilli and saffron rice

Tuesday - Pork chops, mash and fresh veggies

Wednesday - Tuna and Salmon salad, new potatoes

Thursday - Meat Pie, chips, fresh veggies

Friday - Jacket potato, cheese & beans, side salad

Saturday - Pizza

Sunday - Steak, new potatoes, salad

Weekly Weigh In 20

We seem to have hit that plateau as the landfill bag again weighed in at 194g, so although under my target weight, it is not getting any smaller.

I think that as nice as it would be to be zero waste, our day to day living etc is just getting in the way.

I buy as much as I possibly can either naked or in returnable or recyclable packaging we have a doorstep collection for type 1 & type 2 plastics, paper and cans. Glass I take to the bottle bank as I pass it regularly.

I take a trip every approx 3 months to the local HWRC with items which aren't collected but can be recycled there. The amount I take seems to have reduced over the last year so something is going right. Theses are usually hard plastics (bottle tops), tetrapaks and any odd batteries or lightbulbs. They also take used cooking oil which I drain from the deepfat fryer and store in old plastic bottles.

I have a box for crisp packets and toothpaste tubes, which will be sent off once full. All the type 4 polythene bags etc are taken to the local supermarket and recycled in their bag drop.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Menu Plan w/c 10 May

This week again sees us out for a couple of evenings, so the slowcooker will again come into play to have dinner cooked ready for when everyone gets home.

Monday - Meatballs, salad, new potatoes

Tuesday - Pork Casserole, mash, fresh veggies

Wednesday - Steak Pie & Chips, fresh veggies

Thursday - Sausage casserole, mash, fresh veggies

Friday - Chicken savoury rice

Saturday - Pizza & chips

Sunday - Steak, new potatoes, salad

Weekly Weigh In 18

Well despite being out and about all week again, and the extra packaging that comes from eating things on the go; we have still managed to stay under the 200g target, maybe only just but the landfill bag weighed in at 196g.

My veggie/salad seedlings are coming along nicely so hopefully soon I can get these planted out and then wait to enjoy the fruits of my labours.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Menu Plan w/c 3 May

With all the extra work and activities going the last couple of weeks on things could have taken a nose dive but I made sure that either the slow cooker went on before I went to work or that dinner was something that could be easily prepared once I was home.

Monday - Roast Chicken, roasties, yorkshires, fresh veggies

Tuesday - Fish Fingers and Chips served with fresh veggies

Wednesday - Spagetti Bolognese using fresh veggies

Thursday - Salmon and Tuna salad with new potatoes

Friday - Sausage & Mash, served with fresh veggies

Saturday - Fish & Chips (away football match)

Sunday - Roast Pork, Roasties, Yorkshires, fresh veggies

Weekly Weigh In 16 & 17

Life is been a bit hectic the last couple of weeks.

I had been drafted in to help out as a substitute TA in school as they were short staffed.

The boys have been doing alot after school and at weekends and things generally have taken over the time I get to come on here.

Anyhow, this morning I have some free time so I will catch up.

Week 16 the bag weighed in at 197g, and week 17 it was 173g.

So considering the above that is very good.