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Monday, 25 February 2008


Please look at http://www.ourgreeneryear.blogspot.com/ as I have posted a photo of the small bag of rubbish we put out this week.

RUBBISH for week 1 bag from kitchen bin


Thought I'd post a picture of the rubbish we put out this week.

The bottle next to the bag is a 2litre pop bottle.

All the rest of our rubbish has gone into either the recycling bin or the compostable bin

Thursday, 21 February 2008

DAY 52 - feb 21

Today is the first day this week I have been able to put laundry outside to dry as we have had alot of fog, and this does not help clothes dry!!

I was really impressed with the recycling facility on Monday; it is designed in a horseshoe shape with the different units in the middle and parking either side of the roadway running around these.
It was clean and tidy and all units were clearly labeled, there were even 3 men to help with heavier items if you had them.

I will definitely be looking more at what we can take to this facility in the future. Maybe make this a bi-monthly trip depending on what we have to take, I don't have very many tetra-paks and that is the main thing for me, although I could combine a glass run with it instead of the normal bottle banks that I use at the moment.

Monday, 18 February 2008


Again all things seem to have going into the correct bins and also we only had 1 bag to go into the rubbish bin; can't seem to get this any lower.

Today myself and David are taking a trip to the local recycling centre to take a few items we can't put into the normal bins which are collected.

RUBBISH - 1 bag from the kitchen bin

Visit to the Recycling Centre - Day 49 - feb 18

Today myself and David who has an extra day off school are taking some items to the recycling centre. These are things we cannot put into any of our collected bins.

2 printers
1 old nonworking monitor
1 nonworking deskfan
bag full of tetrapak cartons (can be put into rubbish bin - but I want to recycle these).

This is also a newish facility which is supposed to have a better setup than the last one so worth a visit anyway to have a nosy.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

DAY 45 - feb 14

The service I joined to stop junk mail seems to have worked as I don't really get any uninvited junk mail now. YAH!!!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

DAY 42,43,& 44 - feb 11,12 &13

The boys are off school this week (half term) so I am not really able to do much in the way of sorting etc.

I seem to be constantly baking though, I have used a dozen eggs just on snack items for them and will require more baking again for the weekend.

As David is on a football course tomorrow and Friday and I'm combining taking him with my errands and grocery run, also keeps him happy as he doesn't have to shop with mum. Thomas will stay at home whilst I do this.

I have found a comparison site for 4 of the big name supermarkets in UK which allows you to pick which one you want to shop in then at the end will let you know if your trolley would have been cheaper elsewhere or if you swapped to a similar but different product how much you would save. There is also a offers section under the individual aisles so you can do a comparison on what offers are available.
I have 3 supermarkets all within 10 minutes drive of each other so I can quite easily go to all 3 if necessary to pick up the bargains.

The website is www.mysupermarket.co.uk .

This all helps a challenge I'm doing to try and lower my grocery budget by approx £10 per month by the end of the year, not alot I know but if we are still eating good healthy homecooked food, then there is no need to line the supermarkets pockets, better off having that amount in a savings account.

Monday, 11 February 2008


As we have been getting our rubbish throwing under control, it seems all things are going into the correct bins. The boys are also checking with me if they are not sure on where something should go.

It is taking quite a bit of time to note down exactly what we are throwing and where, so I have decided that as we logged it all through January we will see for the next few weeks if we can keep on track, if the landfill bin starts getting more in it than I feel good about then I shall log again.

RUBBISH TOTAL - 1 bag from the kitchen bin, 1 small bag of the excess stuff I found whilst sorting the kitchen cupboards.

Not quite as good as previous weeks but it has removed a few things which have not been used in the 7 years we have lived in this house, unfortunately some things had to be put into the rubbish as they could not be recycled.

The compostable bin was full to bursting today as we had spent some time in the garden on Saturday afternoon tidying things up a little.

The recycling bin will also be full by next Monday when it is collected.

The glass recycling box is full and needs emptying.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

DAY 39,40 & 41 - feb 8,9 & 10

As I try to do more things in the home which are greener I'm finding I have less time for the PC, also the boys have decided that after school they would like to use it and now have a rota which schdules times for usage according to their after school activities etc.

I am continuing to use the car as little as possible on a daily basis and do a combined trip on 1 or maybe 2 days per week depending on where I want to go.

I have made a new menu plan to incorporate alot of the bits and pieces lurking in the bottom of the chest freezer; this is in addition to "leftover night" as these bits are stored in the upright freezer.

I have also noticed that the boys are eating more bread and home baked goodies, just can't keep up at the moment; they must both be in growth spurt mode.

We are still having nice sunny days which facilitates hanging laundry outside, a big pleasure for me.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

DAY 37 & 38 - feb 6 & 7

Wednesday Dave had the day off so we could go into town and find some parts for a minor repair to the car boot; the gas struts had run out of gas, so the boot would not stay open.

We had phoned Ford and they had quoted £75/pair.

We decided it was worth checking out a couple of scrapyards first and would pay up to half price of the new, as you get a warranty with new.

Visited 2 different scrapyards and got a pair for £5 this was an easy job which Dave could also do without having to pay a mechanic, so a good job well done.

The weather the last couple of days has been sunny and windy so I have had laundry on the line both days.

Dinners have been as per the menu plan and this is working well.

I have now worked out a 4 week plan and as I shop 2 weekly I can see exactly what I nned to buy on those shopping trips.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

DAY 35 & 36 - feb 4 & 5

Yesterday was a grocery shopping day, so again I made the point of checking packaging as well as ingredients before I purchased items.

The main thing I was looking for was the packaging recyclable.

It is surprising how much still isn't or comes in one wrapper and is then wrapped inside another or a box.

Today we have a sunny blowy day again so I have 2 loads of laundry drying as I type.

In tomorrow nights dinner I will be making the curry with frozen excess veggies I had last summer which I cooked down with curry powder to make a veggie base. There will be all sorts in it, onion, courgette, peppers, carrot, cauliflower, mushrooms.

Sunday, 3 February 2008


Monday 28 January:
recycle - glass milk bottles back to milkman, passata jar, squash bottle & lid, lasagne box
compost - veggie peelings, fruit waste
rubbish - meat wrapper
posted - batteries from Wii handset,

Tuesday 29 January:
recycle - milk carton & lid, junk mail, tuna can, mayo jar & lid
compost - veggie peelings, fruit waste
rubbish - chicken wrapper, egg shells
posted - wrappers from Tom & Dave magazines

Wednesday 30 January:
recycle - cereal box, glass milk bottles back to milkman, fish finger boxes, tp tube
compost -veg peelings,
rubbish - cereal box inner,
posted -

Thursday 31 January:
recycle - milk carton & lid, sweet & sour sauce jar & lid, batteries, junk mail
compost - veggie peelings, fruit skins,
rubbish - pork wrapper, yogurt packet, rice packet,
posted - junk mail wrapper

Friday 1 February:
recycle - glass bottles back to milkman, tp tube, kr tube, tuna can
compost -
rubbish - large outer wrapper from ind crisp packets,
posted - water filter cartridges

Saturday 2 February:
recycle - softner bottle,
compost -
rubbish - cheese wrapper, coleslaw tub
posted -

Sunday 3 February:
recycle - sugar bag, washing powder box, juice bottles, sauce bottle, mushroom bag, baked bean tin
compost - veg peelings
rubbish - meat wrapper, sausage & bacon wrapper, egg shells


DAY 33 & 34 - feb 2 & 3

The weekends are getting busier with the weather getting better so more football is being played.

During the weekends we continue to recycle and do all the things we do during the week, it is often a time for me to do some extra baking if it is needed in readiness for packups for the following week.

I have noticed though as I am trying to buy less things in packaging and buy more fresh and unadulterated foods that we don't seem to have as much waste going into the normal rubbish bin.

I have always cooked from scratch but would use bought items for cookies and packed lunches etc. there are certain things which are just not feasible to make at home (crisps - chips in US), but other items now if bought will be for treats or if it is easier to have something in a throw away wrapper rather than a box.

I have also noticed that now the chocolate treats etc aren't in the house the boys are going more to make a sandwich for a snack rather than grab the previous, they have always had fruit and yogurt but choc bars as well.

Friday, 1 February 2008

DAY 32 - feb 1

Today I made some Hobnob cookies, instead of always buying them when grocery shopping and having to deal with the packaging.

They went down a treat, big hit with Thomas and his friend, David isn't so keen but he doesn't like oats and flapjacky type things, so I will make him some Choc Chip cookies tomorrow.

Recipe is at http://www.maisiesrecipes.blogspot.com/ .

This idea also fits in with my ideals of home cooked food rather than convenience over prepared.