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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Trip to the local Household Recycling Facility

We went to the Recycling Facility today and dropped off all the plastic tubs etc(type 5 & 6) which can't go in the kerbside, I also dropped off a bin liner full of polythene (type 4) which previously I had been posting to Polyprint.
And I found out that I can take my used chip pan oil there as well and they will recycle that.

We did also take a couple of bits which will probably end up in landfill but there is not alot I can do about those:
1. the back part of an old car seat.
2. a computer modem and all the cables, it has been sat in the cupboard for nearly 3 years and didn't work then.

I do feel though that this will definitely become a monthly trip as it was so good to see all the extras going into recycling skips rather than into the landfill bin.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Week ending Monday 27 October

Todays landfill bag weighed in at 250g.

The landfill bin is now half full, that is from 8 weeks worth of rubbish, including one bag of fire clinker.

The recycling bin was collected this morning and it was only half full from the last 2 weeks.

I have noticed that the main items going into the recycling are, paper & cardboard, plastic (PET) bottles, plastic (HDPE) bottles and food cans.

I do still have a separate collection point for non-collectible plastics which I will be taking to the Recycling Centre on Wednesday, along with a few bits found whilst sorting some things to put on Freecycle.

I also have another carrier bag full of "Tesco" wrappers which do not state plastic origin which will be taken back to the store when I next go.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Week Ending Sunday 19 October 2008

This week, the bag of rubbish going into the landfill bin weighs in at 490g, this is more than has been usual for the last few weeks; but I did go round a few bit bins which haven't been emptied for a couple of weeks.

The landfill bin is now half full and that is since 1 Sept when I joined the Zero Waste week.

Energy Saving Week

This week is Energy Saving Week, but as it is also National Baking Week, I will be trying to do both.

This will produce some problems in that baking obviously uses energy, but if I make the best use of that energy then I will be saving in the longterm.

Other energy saving ideas I have are:

to use the slow cooker more.

double up recipes more so that the intial cooking is done in one go, then it is only a reheat.

batch cook and freeze things like tomato sauce which can be used for any pasta dish or chilli.

make sure the freezer has enough items in it to make it run efficiently, even if this is old milk cartons etc filled with water.

ensure that all unused lights/appliances are switched off on the wall.

use the timer more with the washing machine and dishwasher to maske use of Economy 7 electricity.

charge the mobiles from the usb connections on the computer rather than plugging into the wall.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Tesco Follow-up

Well either Tesco didn't get my letter or they are chosing to ignore it, as I have still not had a response from HQ regarding the package I sent to them.

So I will definitely send the next batch of plastic to the local store.

If they have chosen to ignore it would seem that this is not very good PR as how many other letters/emails do they ignore. (well my email about plastic for one).

So I will have to see what the reaction/response is when I send it to the local store.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Week Ending Sunday 12 October 2008

This weeks bag for the landfill bin is slightly bigger than has been for the last few weeks.

Having checked through the contents, there are 4 widgets from Dave's beer cans, quite a few bottle tops of undistinguishable plastic, and some plastic wrap that is not supermarket own label so I can't send it back to them, and a lamb bone from the joint we had during the week, which although boiled to death for stock as well, has to go into the landfill bin..

Anyhow the bag weighed in at ...... 447g, which is still fairly good.

I will be double checking everything again this week, as I would prefer it to not be above 300g if at all possible.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Follow-Up on the Letter to Tesco

To date I have not received a reply to my package and letter sent to Tesco HQ last week.

I'm not quite sure how to view this; either they are ignoring it or something will come later.

However I am this week going to send all the packets to my local store addressed to the manager and see if I get a response that way.

I will use an identical letter to that sent to HQ and will wait with baited breath for a response.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Week Ending Sunday 5 October

The bag of rubbish today weighed 279g.

This included a salt shaker from some "Geo-organic" sea salt I had purchased ages ago, and thought I could re-fill it; no it is a sealed unit and does not even indicate plastic type for recycling.

Some of the plastic packaging that would normally have gone in has been posted off to Tesco HQ, see copy of letter on http://www.ourgreeneryear.blogspot.com/

Letter to Tesco HQ

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Tesco HQ last week enclosing all the unrecyclable plastic packaging from own label items purchased recently.

Lets see how long it takes for a response.

Dear Sirs

Un – recyclable packaging

I enclose herewith all your own label packaging that is either un-recyclable in my area or is not marked to tell me the type of plastic so I may make in informed decision regarding the recycling of said packaging.

It is Tesco’s responsibility to dispose of any packaging it produces if it does not provide the correct facilities and information for customers to do so.

It would be better if Tesco as one of the largest retailers in Great Britain provided recycling facilities at all its stores especially “Extra” stores so that customers may do this.

Further to this Tesco should be looking at its packaging and providing such that is made from recycled materials and that which is also easily recyclable.

For example, take crisps, which I have enclosed; these could easily be packaged in a recycled cardboard box similar to those which the own label teabags come in.
The next step from there would be to put the crisps themselves into something, which is easily recyclable, or provide facilities at stores for collection of the packets

Tesco could quite easily be a forerunner as the “Supermarket, which puts all own label goods in recycled and easily recyclable packaging”; and actually do this.
There is no reason why all boxed goods can’t be in recycled boxes, nor do oats, rice etc have to be in plastic bags inside boxes. Certain brands already do this so why not Tesco.

Yours faithfully