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Friday, 3 September 2010


Where has the time gone.

It doesn't seem five minutes since I was writing about the end of term activities and finishing school for the summer.

Well now next week we are all back at school.

The waste management has still been going well, and as the garden has been very productive there has been alot less packaging as all the salad ingredients are from the garden not the supermarket.

We have still been having an organic box but have reduced it to fortnightly, this has been mainly for potatoes and an odd veg like cauliflower which we haven't grown.

The garden has been prepared for some winter veggies as well, we have leeks, sprouts, swede, and hopefully parsnips and some winter potatoes.

It has been an eyeopener as to how much of any one particular type of veg we need, I thought I had planted loads of carrots, but we are eating them as fast as they are growing and I haven't even managed to put any in the freezer. So next year I will have a much bigger bed for these but will increase the sowings even more than this year.

I had hoped to have a baking day before school restarted just to get a head start on packed lunch items, but I don't think this will now happen as I had to go into school yesterday for a meeting and today have errands to run in readiness for Monday; I will maybe do a few mini sessions and fit them around my work times, just to get some bits in the freezer.