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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas Decorations etc

Dave and the boys put the tree and decorations up last night.

Now although this is an artificial tree it is the one I bought 17 years ago for mine and Dave's first Christmas together.

The most of the tree decorations are little wooden figures etc which I bought from a Fairtrade Catalogue 8 years ago when we had our first Christmas in this house and some of the other decorations are ones that we had when I was a child.

We do have the tinsel draped around the light fittings and stair banisters etc, but that is the one thing the boys really like to do.

I also have a few Santa ornaments which were made by local pottery artists and I have bought at craft fairs over the years.

When we take everything down this year I am going to look at it all and see what we have used and what I know we haven't used for a few years. The excess will be donated to a women's shelter in town I think.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

All Quiet on the Green Front

There is nothing major to report that has been happening lately.

We have continued following our green trends and are very pleased with the reduced amount of rubbish going into the landfill and the recycling bin.

I also continue to collect up the things that would normally go into the landfill bin but that can be recycled at our Recycling Facility, and take them there once a month.

The one "un" green thing we do during the winter months is have a coal fire, but as that is a heat source for us , and it is either that or the oil central heating; and the fire heats alot of the house not just the one room then we will be sticking with it. We just put the central heating one for approx one hour at night before the boys go to bed to take the chill off their rooms. They have hot water bottles and layers of quilts for sleeping.

Week Ending Monday 8 December 2008

This weeks rubbish going into the landfill bin weighed in at 340g. To add to this is a carrier bag on clinker from the coal fire as well.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Week Ending Monday 1 December 2008

The landfill bag this week weighed in at 427g, but did include a mug which Dave dropped, which was 209g, so this week has been very good as it would have been under 300g without the mug.